NEWLY LISTED - 2 toned satin layered flowers! – MAE Inspirations Shabby chiffon rose trim, Fold over elastic FOE, rhinestone, resins & more!
Shabby chiffon rose trim, fold over elastic & more!
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NEWLY LISTED - 2 toned satin layered flowers!

Erica Fecteau

Two - toned 2" satin layered flowers. These are absolutely adorable, they are the same shape and style as the 2" satin & tulle mesh flowers except with two satin colors instead of the tulle. 
I have them available in 10 color options :
cream & leopard print
zebra print and hot pink
aqua blue and hot pink
white and red
light pink and turquoise
white and hot pink
lavender and purple
gray and yellow
light pink and red
black and yellow
Super cute alone or paired with other flowers! 

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